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About us

With over 30 years of experience, we are a membership organisation providing insight and expertise in areas of health and social care policy to the Conservative Party.


Led by clinicians and practitioners from across health and social care, we draw together our advice from meetings and discussions with stakeholders: synthesising these into policy ideas for dissemination.

We are affiliated to the National Union of the Conservative Party and have the support of the Health Secretary. We are a Society open to differing views, but committed to Conservative principles of freedom, quality and diversity.

The main aims of the organisation are to promote:

  • The care of patients as the priority in health services

  • The concept of individual freedom of choice in health and social care provision

  • Professional freedom to safeguard the achievement of high quality of treatment


To achieve these objectives the Society aims to:

  • Develop new concepts and discuss new issues in the field of health and social care

  • Spread knowledge of Conservative principles and policy in health and social care

  • Link the health care professions with the Conservative Party and so provide advice and guidance on policy and practical issues in the field of health care


The Lord Ribeiro Kt CBE


Professor Ray Powles CBE


Dr Malik Moledina


Leslie Giltz


Ginette Camps-Walsh

Jane Keep

Dr Malik Moledina

Paul Saper

Professor Nadey Hakim

Mr S B Tibrewal

Fay Buglass

Dr Michael Goldsmith

Andrew Gravells

Dr Alan Kangatharan

Christoper Mockler

Sally Taber

Dr Howard Ware

Dr Nick Woodthorpe

The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP

Dr Ben Spencer MP

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