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Funding social care and integration with healthcare

Monday 10th February 2020, 6.45 to 9.00pm

Portcullis House, Westminster

The funding of social care has been a very significant issue in the last and previous general elections with past proposals, the Conservative ‘dementia tax’ and the Labour ‘death tax’ both proving very unpopular.

This issue has been on the political agenda for many years. The Dilnot Commission reported their 2011 recommendations – Fairer Care Funding.  These were to put a cap on an individuals’ lifetime contributions towards their social care costs of £35,000 and raised the threshold, for liability for their full care costs, from £23,250 to £100,000 and integrate social and health care.

In July 2018, the Local Government Association published their own Green Paper on social care funding, The Lives We Want to Lead. In this, their priorities were to close the current funding gap, which will reach £3.56 billion by 2024/25, with an injection of Government money and prioritise investment in prevention, community and primary health services for the £20.5 billion additional expenditure for the NHS.

In April last year, another report on funding social care by Damian Green for the Centre for Policy Studies was published: Fixing the Care Crisis.This recommended adopting a “state pension model” by introducing a new ‘Universal Care Entitlement’: people could pay for more expensive care on top of the Universal Care Entitlement by purchasing a ‘Care Supplement’ and funding would shift from councils to Whitehall, easing pressure on local budgets and encouraging the approval of more retirement housing and care homes.

The long awaited and much delayed Green Paper on Social Care Funding was last due in autumn last year. Additional funding for social care is needed very urgently and has significant knock-on effects for health care and wider society. In the longer-term there must be an early decision and consensus about the funding of care-homes and care at home.  

The meeting will be co-chaired by Professor Roger Williams CBS, Chair Conservative Health, and Cllr Colin Noble, Suffolk County Council, Member of the Community Wellbeing Board, Member of the Conservative Executive, Local Government Association

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